Passion and Purpose: Raleigh Yoga Instructor Finding Joy in the Journey

At The Pāpur, we want to highlight the stories, and work, of artists and creators in our community. The piece below, was written by Lauren Alivia, in a thank you note to her followers on Instagram. As a follower of Lauren’s work, we read the post, and wanted to share those words with our readers.

All photos were contributed by one of Raleigh’s best photographers, Jamie Robbins (JME Photography).

My name is Lauren Alivia, I’m a yoga teacher and sometimes I doubt myself too.

BUT…this year has been filled with opportunities + humans that are 100% affirmation for me.

I will never forget being 16, riding around with my dad, and the 20 questions he’d ask to try and ferret out what I wanted to “be when I grew up.” It was a humorous conversation because at the time, all I could tell him is what I didn’t want.

Not cut out for the 9-5 - working in an office gives me anxiety - variety : I can’t do the same thing every day and call it a life - travel included, but not too much - I love having a home and my people and my animals close.

I don’t want to work my life for a paycheck. I want it to mean something.

Credit to my dad, because he agreed with me on that (even if he thought I might be a little nuts), and I was never pressured into a traditional career/degree path.

Fast forward several years. This has not been a clean cut journey. It’s been rocky, full of set backs, hurdles, financial struggles, doubt, and more. But it has led me to a place where my “career” is driven by authentic passion + purpose.

Every day is different in the most enthralling way. Every experience is coated in a sweet reminder - this will never happen again in this exact way. . . It’s unique, not replicable, and it keeps me breathing in each moment like the gift that it is.

I have to thank all of you. All of the humans who know me well and have supported me as a teacher for so long, but also those who have taken a chance. You showed up to events, retreats, experiences : not knowing what to expect, but leaving as a part of our family - We love you all.

All I have to say is :


Like literally - this is what I’m on this planet for. This is the work that will always make my heart sing, regardless of the bottom line.Thank you all a million times from the bottom of our sappy hearts - we couldn’t dream of anything better than to be on this path with you.

Let’s do more yoga, yeah?!

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