Umbrella in the Dirty Clothes - Bless This Mess

Mom's with kids about to go back to school: Stay strong. Chin up. You've got this!

Another long summer is coming to an end, and this momma is READY!

Don't get me wrong. We've had a lot of fun.

There was swim season, concerts, Durham Bulls games, and too much ice cream.

There was a trip to the mountains, and a trip to the beach.

We went for walks, and hikes, and tried to soak up all the summer sun.

Downtown Cary, NC
Durham Bulls

However, this is the time. Right now.

This is the period right before school starts back, when the dishes are out of control.

A pile of clean clothes is still on the bed after a week, not folded, and thoroughly picked of its last superhero t-shirt.

Between the time any visitors arrive, and five minutes after they leave, the clock on your closet bomb is ticking, ready to explode Lego shrapnel back onto the floor.


The kids have argued over turns, way too much...over the video games they've been playing, way too long.

Video games

To the moms I say, stay strong! Chin up!

Soon enough, we'll celebrate! Soon enough, the hallowed school bells shall ring!

But for now, we stop. We notice there’s an umbrella in the dirty clothes basket, and we laugh.

Soon enough moms...soon enough…