Episode 12 - Bluegrass Band, ShadowGrass, Talks with The Pāpur

EpisodE 11 - Podcast with Singer/Songwriter Jason Adamo

For episode 11 of the podcast, we talked to Jason Adamo, singer/songwriter from the Triangle. Jason will be playing at The Cary Theater this Saturday, September 14th, as part of the Six String Music Series hosted by the theater in Downtown Cary. Take a listen to the podcast, where Jason talks with us about the industry, and plays 3 live acoustic songs for us.

Episode 10 - Discussing Home Financing with Jimmy Hedges of Southern Trust Mortgage

For this episode, we talked with Jimmy Hedges of Southern Trust Mortgage, in Raleigh, NC. Our conversation covers everything from the first time homebuyer, to the experienced buyer and/or seller looking to scale down, refinance, or purchase a second home or investment property.

Episode 9 - Interview with Keith Washo, producer of “The L.O.V.E. Show”, playing at The Cary Theater on August 31st.

Episode 8 - Talking with Amanda Dismukes of Hustle Fitness Studio

We visited Hustle Fitness Studio, and talked with Amanda Dismukes about the community she’s building at the gym in Downtown Cary. In the podcast, you’ll hear about Hustle’s humble beginnings, the atmosphere, and all the details you need to get started.

Episode 7 - Lurin Carlin Talks About Eating Clean, Working Out, and Counting Macros

Welcome back to the podcast everyone! After an extended break, we’re back with Episode 7, talking to Lurin Carlin.

Episode 6-Beyond The Film Festival Coming to Cary Next Week

A conversation with Joy Ennis, where we learn all the details about the event.

Kurt Hilton sat down with Joy Ennis, Operations and Program Supervisor for The Cary Theater, to discuss all the ins and outs. Where can you buy tickets? What movies are playing? Will there be movies for the kids (spoiler alert: yes!)? Joy answers all these questions and more, on this week’s podcast.

Note: This week’s “podcast’ will be in video format due to technical difficulties when recording the audio. Growing pains of a startup operation…whatcha gonna do? We’ll be back to an audio format next week, unless we hear that you prefer video. Let us know what you think, in the comments.

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Episode 5-Bond Brothers Beer Company Conversation with Jay and Jeremy Bond

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re surely familiar with “Bond Brothers”. We were fortunate enough to have the twin brothers, Jay and Jeremy, sit down with us to talk about…well, pretty much everything.

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To find out more information about Bond Brothers Beer Company, you can visit their site here.


Episode 4-Josh Swindell of Envision Homes talks about Park Station Development in Downtown Cary

Have you been driving through Downtown Cary over the last six months or so, and wondered what’s going to be built on Park St., between Academy and Walker? On this week’s podcast, we sat down with a partner on the project, Josh Swindell of Envision Homes, to get some of the finer details. Take a listen to the podcast, to hear more about Park Station, and the luxury townhomes they’re building.

You can find additional information about Envision Homes on their website.

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Episode 3-Don Frantz-Cary Town Council member

Last week, we were happy to have Don Frantz stop in, to talk about things happening downtown, including the new library, the future park, Mayton Inn bankruptcy, and a few more topics. We hope to have Don on the show regularly, to provide local folks with updates and answers to all the burning questions.