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The L.O.V.E. Show - Coming to The Cary Theater on August 31st

The L.O.V.E SHOW is a music entertainment experience, and online platform featuring famous love songs, unique ballads, spoken word, comedy, and visual art creating a romantic and memorable, heart touching experience, that will make you smile and feel the love.

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Cary Imps Ride the Wellsley Wave to Victory

The Cary Imps travelled across town, to visit the Wellsley Wave, and walked away with an improved record of 2-2. Although it was blistering hot, this Fourth of July themed meet, didn’t disappoint. Of course, half the fun happens in the pool, and the other half happens on the sidelines. While it was a sea of blue and green in the pool, it was nothing but red, white, and blue everywhere else. Next week, the team stays on the road to face the Scottish Hills Sea Lions in a hyperlocal turf war, bound to be a battle to the end.

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